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How a "Take a Break" Helped Us Build an wonderful Team

We must admit that we rarely write about our company – its culture and the people behind it, making others think that all we do is work, work, and work.

But like any other company, we take time to relax, to refresh our minds, to bond and strengthen our team's chemistry. So, we would like to share one of our team experiences.

The preparation wasn't easy. We had to look for the most convenient place, an available mode of transportation. It started with bus journey where we all gathered at 6 A.M. and it unknowingly became 7A.M. We all started towards "Queens land" a theme park in Poonamallee.

We played Dumb Charades in bus which started very samey but as people started expressing the movies with funny gestures it became hilarious. We say it's contagious because we noticed that when one person opens up, the other one will automatically do. Suddenly, everyone showed interest in participating, making everybody feel a lot more comfortable with each other.

In Queens land everyone went on all rides no matter how old we were. Of course, the main appeal of any amusement park is the rides, so we spent a day going on every ride we could to find out exactly what the park has to offer. It all ended up so memorable.

We don't talk about work.

We don't talk about work during the outing – not a single moment.

In a survey conducted by employment website Glassdoor, 61% admitted that They Have Worked While on Vacation said that they're doing it because no one else in their company can do the work, others are afraid to get behind, some desire for a promotion, while others are afraid of losing their job.

But no matter what the reason is, one thing is for sure, we all deserve a break. We all deserve rest. And real rest doesn't include worrying about what you've left in your workplace. Truth is, the more you think about your work when you're supposed to be enjoying vacation even exhausts your brain. Since we never bothered mentioning anything about work, it was not hard to work when we came back to our home town in fact, it gave us the energy to work.